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Fleece show

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Registration Instructions: 

Online registration will begin February 1, 2019 and conclude March 23, 2019.

Late entries will not be accepted, and a fee of $25 will be charged for ANY substitutions after March 25th. 

Mail all payments to Kathy Nauta, 4631 County Rd A Oregon, WI 53575

Mail all forms to Kim Tollers W8592 Prairie View Road Argyle, WI 53504

All checks and forms need to be postmarked by the Monday following the close of registration.

No registration is complete until all listed above are received.

Please note that rules are subject to change; be sure to check the current  AOA Show Division Handbook for the most up to date information.

  • Fleeces must be shorn within 380 days of the fleece judging date.

  • Fleece should be prepared by skirting per AOA instructions.

  • Fleece entries must be in a clear plastic bag, 1 ml thickness or less, approximately 30gallon size.  There should be no markings of any kind on the bag.

  • Fleece must be postmarked by April 18, 2019

  • Fleece return shipping is $10 for one fleece, $15 for two, $20 for three, etc. and is to be included with registration payment.  Prepaid mailing labels are encouraged to save you money.

  • All entries must be accompanied by two copies of the ARI certificate and a Certificate of the Owner of Record for Show Entry Form, if applicable

  • All entries must have their completed fleece tag in side the entry bag.

If you wish to hand deliver your entry, it must me checked in to the fleece superintendent at the Washington Fair Park no later than 3pm the Thursday before the judging. 



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