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Walking Fleece Show

The Walking Fleece Show is an opportunity for the exhibitor to enter a fleece competition where the prime fleece is evaluated while still on the alpaca. Each fleece is judged individually against the AOA Walking Fleece Judging Scorecard on an absolute basis in contrast to halter judging, which is judged on a comparative basis relative to the other alpacas in the class. Conformation is not assessed.


An AOA Walking Fleece Scorecard is completed for each alpaca in the course of the evaluation/judging process. Placements are made on a highest-point basis once all evaluations are completed and tabulated. Oral comments by the judge may be given during the hands-on evaluation. This is a time-consuming competition, and exhibitors may need additional handlers, particularly if they are also participating in the regular halter classes, which could be occurring simultaneously.


Each alpaca in a Walking Fleece class is evaluated in the ring individually. Exhibitors/handlers should make every effort to keep the alpacas in that class in the ring area until all of the scores for the alpacas in that class have been tallied. While waiting, an exhibitor may transfer control of that alpaca to a handler if that exhibitor needs to be in the halter ring with another alpaca.

Judging the 2024 Walking Fleece class will be Laurel Shouvlin.

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