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Volunteers needed!
Work and learn about alpacas


It takes many hands to run a successful alpaca show and along with it comes opportunities for people to learn about alpacas and get involved in the alpaca community. If you’re new to the business, it’s an ideal way to meet and talk to alpaca breeders and get your hands on some of the finest alpacas in the country. Sign up here.

You don’t have to own or show alpacas to volunteer. You just need some enthusiasm for these unique animals and a desire to help. The following volunteer positions at the Wisconsin Fiber & Alpaca Fest and The Great Midwest Alpaca Festival include:

  • Color checker: Animals need to be color checked upon arrival at the facility. Volunteers help handle the animals and check the color of their fleece to ensure they’re entered in the correct color class.

  • Registration: Help to register exhibitors for the competition, answer questions, and resolve any issues before competition begins.

  • Welcome Table: Greet visitors, answer questions, and direct people to where they need to go.

  • Ribbons: Responsible for getting ribbons ready for competition and making sure ribbons are properly displayed and available throughout the show.

  • Gate Steward: Ensures that exhibitors are present for each class, and then lining up exhibitors in the proper order as they enter the show ring.

  • Ring Steward: One of the most important positions is the ring steward. You will work closely with the judge in the show ring by directing animals into the ring, helping to keep animals under control if necessary, and giving the scorecards and ribbons to the judge. This position is an excellent opportunity to learn from the judge as she/he explains the placement of the winners and describes the winning attributes of each. There will morning and afternoon shifts for this position. Training will be provided.

To sign up for any of these positions, go to SignUp Genius. If you have any questions, contact Steve and Sandy Clemons, volunteer coordinators, at or 612-991-3123.

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