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What you need to know

This section includes details about the two halter shows and the walking fleece show. You'll also find information on how to register, where to stay, fiber arts classes and seminars being offered, etc.

If you're a member of the Great Lakes Alpaca Association (GLAA), you will receive a discount on the price of your stalls. GLAA represents alpaca owners and breeders in five states in the Great Lakes region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). With more than 50 members, GLAA is one of the largest AOA affiliates in the nation. Visit the GLAA website to join. 


I agree to hold harmless the Alliant Energy Center, Dane County, and the Great Midwest Alpaca Festival Board of Directors and committee members as well as the Great Lakes Alpaca Association Board of Directors from any damage or loss, or liability of any kind whatsoever.

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